Blade® mSR S è un elicottero a passo fisso in formato sub-micro ultraleggero e compatto che si presta a volare in spazi chiusi o all’aperto.

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È la soluzione ideale per i principianti che desiderano imparare a pilotare un elicottero divertendosi. Le tecnologie SAFE e AS3X conferiscono al Blade mSR S una stabilità senza confronti. Impostando high o low rate in ambedue le modalità di volo Stability e Agility, l’elicottero si adatta all’ambiente e allo stile di volo del pilota. Grazie al suo peso estremamente ridotto, l’elicottero è molto resistente, quindi non c’è da preoccuparsi in caso di impatto, sia in luoghi chiusi che all’aperto. Imparare a pilotare un elicottero a passo fisso non è mai stato così facile e divertente.

SAFE and AS3X combine for a rock-solid, stable flight everytime with self stabillization technology.

Light & Durable: 
This lightweight ultra-micro heli is made with a durable molded frame and resilient components.

Perfect for Indoors: 
With it’s compact size, there isn't a better heli for indoor flight, while being able to handle low wind outdoor conditions.

Flight Modes: 
Two flight modes, Stability and Agility, give pilots of different skill levels the ability to grow with this heli. Bank angle limits in Stability mode can be increased in Agility, along with High and Low rate settings in each mode.

Flybarless Design: 
The flybarless head design offers a higher level of mechanical efficiency as well as a lower parts count which makes helicopter maintenance simpler.

High Discharge Battery: 
The 1S 150mAh battery has a high discharge rate at 45C, so this micro heli feels snappier without the added weight of a larger battery. Averages 5 mins of flight time on each battery.

RTF and BNF: 
The mSR S comes as RTF with the transmitter, batteries and chargers all included so you can fly within minutes of opening the box.

Multi-Function Transmitter: 
The RTF includes a Blade 6-channel transmitter with functionality that makes it easy to select SAFE technology flight modes as well as choose high or low dual rate sensitivity. A similar transmitter is required to complete the BNF version.

Completion Level RTF
Main Rotor Head Type Fixed Pitch Flybarless
Swashplate Type 90 deg
Main Rotor Diameter 180mm
Main Rotor Blade Length (Included) 80mm
Main Blade Material Plastic
Tail Rotor Diameter 40mm
Tail Rotor Blade Length (Included) 40mm
Tail Blade Material Plastic
Main Motor Type Coreless
Battery 150mAh 3.7V 45C LiPo
Tail Drive Direct Drive
Tail Motor Type Brushed
Length 205mm (8.00 in)
Height 83mm (3.30 in)
Width 33mm (1.30 in)
Main Frame Material Plastic
Canopy/Body Material Plastic
Flying Weight 31g (1.1 oz)
Approximate Flight Time 4-6 min
Number of Channels 4 Channels
Experience Level Beginner
Recommended Environment Indoor
Is Assembly Required No


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Blade® mSR S è un elicottero a passo fisso in formato sub-micro ultraleggero e compatto che si presta a volare in spazi chiusi o all’aperto.

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